Commercial HVAC Services

We help you keep your customers and employees comfortable and healthy.

Trust your business's heating and cooling needs to Stafford's most respected  HVAC Company.

It's time you control the thermostat.

Your commercial building depends on a quality HVAC system to keep costs affordable for you and to keep your occupants happy. 

With our commercial HVAC products, we provide comfort and better air quality for your everyone in your building.


Plus, our commercial systems are designed to  increase efficiency, helping you reduce excessive HVAC system and repair costs. 








All HVAC systems keep indoor spaces at a comfortable level by controlling the temperature and airflow. 


While HVAC systems serve the same purpose, there are differences between residential and commercial units that are important to consider.


  • Commercial systems are not just larger in size; they're also more complex to meet the unique demands of spaces within buildings.

  • Often, they're installed on roofs inside of the side of the structure.

  • These systems must service larger spaces, such as multi-level buildings and warehouses, while also servicing smaller spaces inside these areas, such as conference rooms.

  • Commercial systems also come in packaged units, meaning it's easy to add or remove parts to accommodate for changes within the building. 

  • Residential systems have a single area for drainage, while commercial units have a network of pipes and pans for all drainage.  



Businesses of all types rely on a well-functioning HVAC system to ensure a comfortable environment for occupants, employees, and customers. When the system breaks, it can have a serious impact on operations.


Installation and maintenance are the keys to avoiding most major HVAC issues.


Get the best value for your money when you hire a commercial HVAC service. Key factors to consider when hiring a commercial HVAC service include:


  • certified, highly qualified and trained technicians

  • experience with a variety of HVAC systems and how to properly service your particular system

  • provides a written estimate ahead of the work so you know exactly what to expect, how long it will take, and any associated cost for that service

  • proof of any warranty on any equipment that you purchase or any repairs that are made

How often do I need HVAC maintenance for
a commercial building or business?

Generally, it's recommended that you have

a commercial HVAC unit serviced twice per year (preferably spring and fall). 


Commercial buildings and businesses vary in the size of their HVAC systems. Considerations for how often maintenance is recommended depends on several factors:

  • age of the unit

  • type of unit

  • size of the building structure

  • insulation of the building

  • number of peak hours per day the system is used

  • commercial building requirements

  • clogged filters or other reductions in air flow


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